Hilarious HR Interview

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Hilarious HR Interview

Postby Admin » Thu Jan 10, 2019 5:34 am

Interviewers ask routine questions to candidates.... Some weird answers....

Q - Tell us about yourself ?
A - Yourself is pronoun used when the subject and object of the verb are you.

Q - What are your expectations ?
A - Salary.

Q - What challenges you faced in your earlier job ?
A - Staying awake after lunch !!

Q - Why do you want to join our company ?
A - Nobody else is taking me. Your company is closer to my home....

Q - What attracts you to our company ?
A - The receptionist !!
Q - Why you left your previous job ?
A - Previous company shifted office and they didn't inform me new address !!!

Q - Are you willing to travel 20 days in a month ?
A - Yes... but just don't ask me where I had gone...!!

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